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The Submissive Wife And Other Legends

The Submissive Wife And Other Legends


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Description for THE SUBMISSIVE WIFE AND OTHER LEGENDS by Marsha Drake:

Sitting at the kitchen table by myself, I sipped the piping hot black brew and pondered the word OBEY. "Probably the Bible means to obey God and get along with john. That makes sense." I shuddered to think of what my life would be like if I actually gave way to John. Like a moth drawn to the incinerating flame, I swooped over to my Bible concordance to locate the word OBEY. "I'm going to be sorry I'm doing this," I admonished myself.

Thus begins Martha's quest, representing the struggle of all women who want to follow God but who are afraid of where that path might lead. Readers will laugh and cry and debate with her as she grapples with "why" and "how a wife submits to her husband".

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