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The Supernatural

The Supernatural

Author: John G Jones

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 375

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Description for THE SUPERNATURAL by John G Jones:


Escape is nothing new to lance.  Swift as lightening, cool as ice, he's conned the best of them and slipped away in the still of the night.  But this time, his debt is in the millions.  And these guys want full payment in bucks...or blood.


Just as his luck is running out he learns of his inheritance.  A fortune awaits him in Australia but Lance suspects trouble.  His instincts are screaming of danger, but his life is hanging by a thread.  And this newfound fortune could patch everything up.


Bizarre dreams, strange phone calls, weird hallucinations...Lance ignores the warnings as he chases his fortune.  But his nightmares give way to a strange reality...a dark, bottomless horror, engulfing him, engorging him, sucking him in lie a ravenous beast.  Lance Sullivan is running into the churning vortex of THE SUPERNATURAL...and this time these is no escape.  

You will never forget THE SUPERNATURAL



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