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The Swirling Mists Of Cornwall

The Swirling Mists Of Cornwall


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'Whatever you do, my girl, don't go to Rhyweth,' he begged.

Just before his untimely and mysterious death, Rhionna Fowley's father warned her never to return to his ancestral home in Cornwall. Yet she was drawn to the rocky, mist-enshrouded land of her forebears, and so eager to leave New York that she put his strange words aside. But as her ship foundered off the rugged Cornish coast, she wondered if her journey would indeed be cursed. Shipwrecked and delirious, Rhionna found herself in a castle high above the roiling sea, and in thrall to the handsome, beguiling Lord Geoffrey Rhyweth. But as her strength returned, her suspicions grew. Why did Lord Rhyweth prowl the castle each evening - what haunted him so that he found no solace in the peace of night? Why did the villagers speak of him in fearful whispers? And why were young women disappearing from the village? Would she be next? As Rhionna's terror mounted, she knew she had to flee. For soon it would be too late to escape.

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