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The Tainted Snuff Box

The Tainted Snuff Box


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Description for THE TAINTED SNUFF BOX by Rosemary Stevens:

In Regency England, Beau Brummell stood as the uncrowned king of genteel Society. Whatever he wore was the height of fashion. Wherever he went was the place to be. And the last place one would expect to find him was in the middle of a murder mystery. But then, Beau Brummell was never one to do what was expected...

After receiving a series of death threats by post, the Prince of Wales feels that some time spent away from London will calm his frazzled nerves. So he escapes to Brighton, where Beau Brummell joins him as a guest. With guards posted at every door, the atmosphere is tense--even more so when the Prince's personal "food-taster" samples a new blend of snuff prepared by Beau's Petersham...only to keel over dead. Now, to clear Petersham's name of the attempted assassination, Beau will have to turn his quizzing glass on the crime...

This is #2 in A Beau Brummell Mystery.

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