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The Taker

The Taker


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Description for THE TAKER by J M Steele:

Carly Biel?ÇÖs future is right on track: she?ÇÖs a great student (mostly A?ÇÖs and B?ÇÖs); her boyfriend, Brad, is captain of the lacrosse team; and she?ÇÖs a shoe-in for Princeton (her dad?ÇÖs an alum ?Çô love that legacy status!). She?ÇÖs never been great at standardized tests (so nerve-racking!), but she always figured she?ÇÖd do well enough on the SAT to get by. Guess what? She tanks. Really tanks. Now she only has one more opportunity to take the test, and she?ÇÖs sure she can?ÇÖt pull her scores up by much. That?ÇÖs why, when she gets a mysterious note from ?ǣThe Taker,?ǥ she can?ÇÖt resist. Now she?ÇÖs hired someone to take the test for her ?Çô but what if she gets caught? And what if she doesn?ÇÖt?

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