The Thin Pink Line

The Thin Pink Line


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Description for THE THIN PINK LINE by Lauren Baratz-Logsted:

Twenty-nine-year-old Jane Taylor gets so blissfully caught up in the fact that she's pregnant -- and tells everyone -- that she can't own up to the truth when she finds out that she never was. Her live-in boyfriend, a suspender-snapping Do Right Dudley, has offered to "stand by her" in marriage, and for once Jane feels...well, normal. Jane is far from perfect -- and the farthest thing from a mommy one could imagine. But she is only human, and what woman doesn't want the kind of attention that comes with pregnancy?

After all, "pregnancy" has just made her life a whole lot better. Suddenly, it's all about her. Men are opening doors, and doors are opening for her at work, too. No longer is she second fiddle to her perfect sister, Sophie (who happens to be seven months pregnant). And her mother is giving her all the attention she's ever craved.

Jane gets further and further embroiled in her "pregnancy," which makes it even harder to end. And just as she's about to fess up, something outrageous happens that compels Jane, a single-woman-who-will-never-likely-be-a-mother, to carry this baby charade to term. To complicate things further, Jane meets the man of her dreams, and must choose between him...and the "baby."

Between baby showers and mood swings, Jane begins to take on the real-life symptoms of pregnancy, and we see her grow, so to speak, to become the person she's always had the potential to be.

This is #1 in Jane Taylor Series.

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