The Thrill

The Thrill


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Description for THE THRILL by Wolff Ryp:

The last time Kendra saw Revell, he tried to take her life. He's been gone now for months, yet Kendra's fear remains. Though she dreads the memory of Revell, strangely enough she misses him, too.

Then the beautiful Ariane arrives, and to Kendra it seems like a nightmare revisited. For where Ariane goes, disaster follows---accidents, illness...even death. Kendra is certain Ariane is behind these horrors. Until Revell reappears.

Kendra is torn. Her desire for Revell is nearly blinding in its intensity. But as her passion grows, the terror continues. Kendra must put her feelings aside and find the truth. Or someone she loves will die.

This is #2 in Midnight Secrets Series.

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