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The Time Keeper

The Time Keeper


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Description for THE TIME KEEPER by Kevin E Cropp:

Perhaps in the final days of our life we are granted the wisdom to see all that could have been, and all that should have been. The price is dear for such wisdom. Diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of thirty eight, Linda Wails has only one dying wish?Çöto make amends with her seventeen year old son Corey. For years they have struggled with one another, but the time is now or never to learn anew what it means to be a mother and what it takes to be a son. Such irony, that a woman should find her true beginning at the end of her life. Such justice, that a selfish young man should find within himself a pounding heart he never knew he had. Isn?ÇÖt the deepest meaning found in the greatest tragedy? With all the drama that is life, it is often the quiet, peaceful dreams that are the best remembered. The Time Keeper is the story of such a dream.

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