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The Tomoka Mystery

The Tomoka Mystery


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Description for THE TOMOKA MYSTERY by Diane Sawyer:


Photographer Lilli Masters is more than willing to embark on a little undercover work with her new boyfriend if it means spending time together. His assignment is to head to Daytona Beach, Florida, on the trail of a killer who's hiding out among a group of hard-core motorcyclists.

The weather is picture-perfect as Lilli and Detective Zack Faraday pose as a tourist couple. But growing danger quickly puts a damper on any sightseeing, and the discovery of a dead body tells Lilli that the trouble is just beginning. Soon she is stalked by dangerous men and immersed in a world of bikers, rare-flower poachers, murky waters and murder. Now it looks as if Lilli's romantic getaway might just be the end of the line.

This is #3 in Lilli Masters Series.

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