The Ultimate Rush

The Ultimate Rush


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Description for THE ULTIMATE RUSH by Joe Quirk:

Your pulse is pounding in your ear.

You're gasping for air.

You're flying down SF's steepest hill with no brakes.

And that's the safe part.

Chet Griffin, convicted computer hacker and San Francisco's fastest rollerblading messenger, was given a simple assignment. But that delivery turned real deadly, real fast. Seems the package he was carrying contained a single computer disk -- worth a cool billion. And everyone, from the Chinese mob to the SFPD, wants to get their hands on it. Now Chet's fighting for his life, trying to clear his name, and wondering what price he'll pay for...THE ULTIMATE RUSH

On a wild ride through SF's sloping streets and the twisted channels of cyberspace, author Joe Quirk delivers a hip, heart-pounding game of cat-and-mousepad that will leave you breathless.

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