The Undoing Of De Luca

The Undoing Of De Luca


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Description for THE UNDOING OF DE LUCA by Kate Hewitt:

The undressing of an innocent...

In theory, Ellery Dunant is the last woman you'd expect to find on world-renowned playboy Larenz de Luca's to-bed list. Ellery has met Larenz's type before. There's no way a stallion like him would be interested in a plain-Jane housekeeper like her....

So why does Larenz find himself risking his cool and dropping his guard to spend the night with her?

The undoing of the playboy...

Just one night...but for Larenz it doesn't turn out to be enough. Is his unworldly housekeeper going to be his undoing?

Harlequin Presents #2978, March, 2011.

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