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The Unmasking: Married To A Rapist

The Unmasking: Married To A Rapist


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Description for THE UNMASKING: MARRIED TO A RAPIST by Kevin Flynn:

Eddie Wyatt's arrest for a series of savage rapes in a small south Texas town stunned all those who knew him as a polite, religious, hard-working family man. But most devastated by the revelation was Wyatt's wife. It was beyond imagining that her husband, whom she had first met in Bible study class, was the serial rapist terrorizing their town. This is the story of an ostensibly average American family discovering that the man they looked up to as the head of the household was instead a pathological criminal.

Wyatt has lived two lives. Immediately after committing one six-hour-long kidnap-rape, he took his two children to a playground. He declined sex with his devoted wife, yet repeatedly broke into the homes of young women, tied and blindfolded them, and, at knifepoint, assaulted them. When the police finally tracked Eddie down and the press exposed his criminal life, his totally unsuspecting wife was shattered.

Now, with extensive interviews and access to Ronda Wyatt's diaries, award-winning journalist Kevin Flynn tells how a trusting, self-blaming wife could live with a serial rapist for seven years without recognizing and knowing him. Flynn talked at length with Ronda and the police and uncovered the true stories of those enmeshed in Eddie's web os lies and deceit.

Then, using the rapist's frightening and explosive jailhouse confessions, Flynn recounts Wyatt's bizarre story of emotional detachment as he coolly watched himself become progressively more violent. He reveals Wyatt's abusive reform school background and the history of drug use that were the root of his rage and his feelings of depression and impotence.

In an age when violence and deviance seem to have become commonplace, the story of the Wyatts retains the power to shock and undermine the credibility of appearances. THE UNMASKING reveals the precarious border on which Wyatt lived, maintaining a seemingly ordinary family life while committing monstrous acts against women and society itself. It is true crime at its most terrifying.

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