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The Ursa Ultimatum

The Ursa Ultimatum


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Description for THE URSA ULTIMATUM by Terry Baxter:

In the dead of night, twelve nuclear warheads are smuggled north across the Mexican border to be detonated simultaneously in major cities throughout the U.S. It is a sinister scheme concocted by a handful of communist extremists and entrusted to the most lethal human secret weapon in the Soviet arsenal---a deadly KGB "sleeper," code name: URSA, activated after living undetected for two decades in America's heartland. And only Sheriff Morgan Cassidy stands between a faceless Russian superspy and World War Three. One small-town desert lawman unwittingly caught in a treacherous whirlpool of intrigue, deception and death faces the most terrifying show-down of his career as the world races frantically toward annihilation.

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