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The Vegas Legacy

The Vegas Legacy


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Description for THE VEGAS LEGACY by Ovid Demaris:

Las Vegas A tough big-money town where everything is for sale--women, success, power...and the presidency.

The carnival glitter, the churning excitement...the Republican Convention is a natural--and a first--for Vegas. Now the only difference between the high rollers at the tables and the delegates on the convention floor is the name of the game--and the fact that one powerful family is about to make the most incredible gamble of all.

Rufus Boutwell is going for the jackpot. Driven by an obsession reaching back to the wild days of the Old West, he's built a Nevada dynasty that owns half the action and all the state's politicians. Now he's going to put his grandson a heartbeat from the Presidency. Now he's going to make the move that will bring him awesome power or bring the violent passions of more than three decades to a shattering climax of blackmail, vengeance, and murder.

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