The Virgin's Proposal

The Virgin's Proposal


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Description for THE VIRGIN'S PROPOSAL by Shirley Jump:

Successful rebel Matt Webster came to make peace with his past and his family. But he'd never thought that to appear "respectable," he'd become the pretend fiance of a banana-wearing store owner! Yet how could he refuse spunky Katie Dole, the woman under the costume, when she kissed him so sweetly -- and so thoroughly -- in the spaghetti aisle of the supermarket?

Her blue-green gaze implored him to play the role of lover to show up her ex-fiance. But remembering the kisses they shared were supposed to be pretend became more difficult, when all Matt wanted to do was to make love to the appealing Katie! Was the virgin's proposal turning into something...real?

Silhouette Romance #1641, January, 2003.

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