The Wages Of Zen

The Wages Of Zen


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Description for THE WAGES OF ZEN by James Melville:

Tetsuo Otani is Superintendent of the Hyogo Prefectural Police. He and his adoring wife, Hannae, enjoy a comfortable life---sake in the evenings as he tells her about his cases, gentle teasing on her part about his precious Rotary Club, ceremonial visits from their newly married daughter and her fine young husband.

Murder is a rare crime in Japan, and Superintendent Otani's current case is most unusual. At the Chisho-jiZen Study Center in the misty hills near Takahashi, five foreigners have gathered to learn and practice the ancient teachings of the Zen masters. And one of them, an Irish Catholic priest, has been found dead in the snow---murdered by someone at the sacred Buddhist temple.

Sorting through the strange customs of these very strange people, Superintendent Otani must find the killer in a mystery that's very British, very Japanese---and very elegant.

This is #1 in A Superintendent Otani Mystery series.

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