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The Wanted

The Wanted

Author: Robert Crais

Book Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 322

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Description for THE WANTED by Robert Crais:

Investigator Elvis Cole and his partner Joe Pike take on the deadliest case of their lives in the new masterpiece of suspense from #1 "New York Times"-bestselling author Robert Crais.

It seemed like a simple case -- before the bodies started piling up...

When single-mother Devon Connor hires Elvis Cole, it's because her troubled teenage son Tyson is flashing cash and she's afraid he's dealing drugs. But the truth is devastatingly different. With two others, he's been responsible for a string of high-end burglaries, a crime spree that takes a deadly turn when one of them is murdered and Tyson and his girlfriend disappear.

They stole the wrong thing from the wrong man, and, determined to get it back, he has hired two men who are smart and brutal and the best at what they do.

To even the odds, Cole brings in his friend Joe Pike, but even the two of them together may be overmatched. The police don't want them anywhere near the investigation, the teenagers refuse to be found, and the hired killers are leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. Pretty soon, they'll find out everything they need to know to track the kids down -- and then nothing that Elvis or Joe can do may make any difference. It might even get them killed.

This is #19 in An Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Novel.

Connie's Review:

I was a little disappointed in this book as it read more like a screenplay instead of a book. I dislike 3 word or less sentences and this one did have those kind of things going on. The characters in the book were not likeable either. I guess that I am getting old and this trio of kids robbing rich people was a little too much for me.

I love both Elvis Cole and Joe Pike, but this one just fell a little short. I am giving this 4 out of 5 stars.

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