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The War Against The Terrorists

The War Against The Terrorists


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Description for THE WAR AGAINST THE TERRORISTS: HOW TO WIN IT by Gayle Rivers:

Is there an adult who hasn't asked: Do we have to spend the rest of our lives being sitting ducks for terrorists both here and when we travel abroad? In this book, one of the world's most experienced counterterrorists shows exactly how we can put a stop to terrorism once and for all.

The chapter on skyjacking should be read as a reminder before the reader takes any trip by plane. Mr. Rivers shows why security measures such as metal detectors, X-ray machines, frisking, and sky marshals don't stop terrorists. He gives the reader ten precautions to take at the airport before he or she boards and nine additional lifesaving recommendations to follow if he is ever on a hijacked aircraft. That chapter also shows how the hijacking of TWA's Flight 847 out of Athens, which caused the death of American Robert Stethem and a seventeen-day media event that benefitted the terrorists, could have been stopped cold in its tracks during the first hours. Counterterrorist rapid response teams were "already in Europe and ready to go". For the first time in print, the author show exactly how such a counterterrorist team would do the job.

The author reveals why America is now the number one terrorist target, how some Americans are aiding the terrorist killers and who those American are, why appeasement of terrorists and retaliation against them doesn't work, and what does work. He details the new weapons of terror already in use that go far beyond machine guns and hand grenades. He tells where atomic devices are now being peddled and which groups in America are eager to get their hands on them. He also shows how the terrorists can cause radioactive explosions by the use of materials already in their hands.

Mr. Rivers hows how embassies and business installations can be protected against car bombings, how Canada got tough with its terrorists and found that it worked, and what can be done now to deal with the terrorist training camps withing Libya, Syria, and Iran by knowledgeable professionals without endangering innocent civilians or causing confrontations that could lead to war.

Mr. Rivers, who has killed terrorist leaders on covert assignments by Allied governments such as Spain and Britain, throughout this book names names, identifies the killer groups, tells who their leaders really are, and how to prevent further terrorist acts by the same and other groups with means that are currently available. If ever there was a book for our time, you are holding it in your hands right now.

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