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The Wind From Hastings

The Wind From Hastings


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Description for THE WIND FROM HASTINGS by Morgan Llywelyn:

Romantic and searingly convincing, this novel from the days of the Conquest is based on a real woman and a real mystery. In 1066 William the Conqueror defeated Harold of England at Hastings, changing the course of Western civilization. This is the story of Harold's wife Edyth, who witnessed the battle and then vanished completely and forever, taking with her the legitimate heirs to the thrones of England and Wales.

Edyth the Saxon was a political pawn for most of her life---married to the Welsh Prince Griffith whom she dearly loved, to bolster her father's position---married to Harold Godwine, to strengthen his claim to the English throne. Harold became King but reigned less than a year. Then Haley's Comet blazed across the sky, signaling a time of passion and treachery to climax at Hastings.

The riddle remains: what kind of a woman was Edyth, and how did she manage to escape so totally with the royal heirs?

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