The Wolf And The Raven

The Wolf And The Raven


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Description for THE WOLF AND THE RAVEN by Diana L Paxon:

They were children born to rival kings in a land cruelly ravaged by tribal warfare. At a tender age they were taken from their homes to be groomed for greatness--the Hun princess Brunahild entrusted to the mystical Walkyriun to study the ancient arts of runecraft and herblore...and the young apprentice smith Sigfrid sent to the woods to learn the ways of the wolf and the astonishing secrets of his "skin-strong" heritage.

But their remarkable powers would soon eclipse those of their teachers--inspiring jealousy, treachery, deceit and death. And through brutal challenges and magical trials their paths would become one--uniting Brunahild and Sigfrid in perfect love and heroic glory.

This is #1 in Wodan's Children Series.

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