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The Wood Beyond

The Wood Beyond


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Description for THE WOOD BEYOND by Reginald Hill:

Police Inspector Peter Pascoe is looking for a place to bury his grandmum's ashes, when he stumbles upon a startling family secret--an ancestor unjustly executed in wartime. So preoccupied is Pascoe that he hardly notices the uproar in his own department. Eight female animal rights protestors have unearthed human bones on the grounds of a drug company's research headquarters.

Yorkshire police superintendent Andrew Dalziel, a man of prodigious appetite, falls quickly for one of the activists: a generously endowed woman who calls herself Cap Marvell. While Dalziel begins to daily, the investigation into the unidentified corpse collides with the mystery of Pascoe's disgraced great-grandfather and a high-stakes pharmaceutical research project. Suddenly the Yorkshire woods are giving up their darkest secrets: of animal instincts, human passions, and a conspiracy that has killed once, and will do so again. . . .

This is #16 in A Dalziel/Pascoe Mystery.

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