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The World Is Made Of Glass

The World Is Made Of Glass


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Description for THE WORLD IS MADE OF GLASS by Morris West:

This novel is about one man and three women in conflict that explores the fine line between love and hate, good and evil, fantasy and reality.

The narrative if founded on fact: a case history recorded in the autobiography of Carl Gustav Jung. His account is brief and curiously cryptic: "A lady came to my office. She refused to give her name...what she had to communicate to me was a confession."

Morris West's version of the encounter is a fascinating blend of truth and dramatic speculation. The events cover the golden time of the Belle Epoque, right up to the twilight year 1913, before the lights went out over Europe and the First World War began.

This was a year of crisis for Jung. He was estranged from his old friend and master, Freud. His wife was pregnant with their fifth child. He had begun a love affair with his onetime pupil Toni Wolff, and, to cap it all, he was already suffering from a manic-depressive illness that was to last for four years.

Jung and the unnamed woman who came seeking his help are two destinies on a collision course. Mature, beautiful, depraved, the woman herself is a classic creation whose memory will haunt the reader long after the last page is turned. THE WORLD IS MADE OF GLASS may well be judged Morris West's masterwork.

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