The Wrong Man

The Wrong Man


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Description for THE WRONG MAN by Laura Abbot:

Being married to the wrong man can lead only to divorce

It was a hard lesson, but Libby Cameron learned it.

Twelve years later, her ex-husband has moved to town. Libby's too smart to go down that road again. But doing the smart thing isn't easy once she discovers that Trent is fathering a sweet and sad little girl all by himself.

Kylie Baker needs her, and Libby can't ignore that fact. Nor can she ignore the feelings for Trent that she's starting to have. But how can she forget their previous life together or the times he let her down? Has Trent really changed?

Can the wrong man ever turn into the right one?

SINGLE FATHER He's a man on his own, doing his best for his child. Sometimes he gets things right. Sometimes he needs a little help....

Harlequin Super Romance #1191, March, 2004.

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