The You I Never Knew

The You I Never Knew


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Description for THE YOU I NEVER KNEW by Susan Wiggs:

At last, Michelle Turner is going back to the Montana town where she grew up too fast, fell in love too hard, and wound up pregnant and alone. Because the now-successful advertising executive has just learned that only she can save the father she barely knew, an aging Hollywood star. What Michelle cannot know is that this journey home will be her last chance to save herself as well.

For her sick father, she must bridge the gulf that distance and time have widened. For her troubled teenage son, she must find the miracle that will pull him away from the abyss that threatens his future. And for Sam McPhee, the man who left her years ago, she must take the most frightening-and most exhilarating-step of all: Face the truth that hurts...and the love that heals.

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