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Description for THEISMANN by Joe Theismann with David Kindred:

Candid, spontaneous, blunt, and always the center of attention, he's notorious for his uninhibited opinions. Because when Joe Theismann opens his mouth, you never know what's going to happen next.

Here at his outrageous best, Theismann talks about the controversies and characters that recognized figures in sports today: the devastating blow that snapped his leg in half on national TV and brutally ended his sensational career; his feelings toward Lawrence Taylor, the quaterback-crusher who hit him; his controlled bitterness toward Jay Schroeder, the boy wonder who replaced him; the media spotlight that made his romance with movice star Cathy Lee Crosby into front-0;age news; the thrill of taking the Washington Redskins to a Super Bowl victory; his bizarre relationship with fullback John Riggins; why he was forbidden to attend the last Redskins home game after his injury; and how he felt when only four of his teammates came to see him in the hospital.

He takes us back to the days at Notre Dame, where everyone assumed he would fai (the headlines read, "Little Joe to Get Killed at Notre Dame"); his disappointment at losing the Heisman trophy to Jim Plunkett; his exile to Canadian Football League after his failure to sign with the Miami Dolphins, his secret gambling problem; his struggle to win the quarterback spot from Sonny Jurgensen and Billy Kilmer; and his struggle to be accepted by his teammates and by the Washington fans, a battle he feels he never won.

Theismann holds nothing back as he divulges his ever-honest opinions about football's most prominent figures, including Jim McMahon, Ken Stabler, Dexter Manley, Joe Gibbs, George Allen, Don Shula, Randy White, and countless others. And he speaks his mind about such controversial issues that surround today's game as drug abuse, steroids, excessive violence, and free agency.

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