There Lies A Hidden Scorpion

There Lies A Hidden Scorpion


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Description for THERE LIES A HIDDEN SCORPION by Takis & Judy Iakovou:


Nick and Julia Lambros close down the Oracle diner in Delphi, Georgia, and head south to balmy Florida for a lavish wedding... and unexpected murder.

The trip seems doomed from the start. En route, they witness a car plunging off a bridge and the failed attempt to rescue a young woman whose tragic death soon haunts them. It's a bad omen for the bride-to-be, who fears her journey down the aisle has been cursed by family feuds, business rivalries, superstition--and the dedicated work of a killer.

While the infamous Greek hospitality never falters, a brazen theft, illegal drugs and too many corpses convince Nick and Julia that someone is prepared to go to desperate lengths to stop this wedding from taking place, and worse, prevent Nick and Julia from returning home alive.

This is #3 in A Nick and Julia Lambros Mystery.

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