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Thoroughly Kissed

Thoroughly Kissed


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Description for THOROUGHLY KISSED by Kristine Grayson:

Emma Lost can still remember the day she woke up in the back of a VW van after her famous thousand years' snooze--the one that inspired the Sleeping Beauty myth. Emma knows it's no fairy tale--she's the real Sleeping Beauty, trying to hide her magical powers and swearing off kissing strange men for the rest of her life. Of course, most men follow her around like lovesick puppies...except for Michael Found, her mind-numbingly gorgeous boss. It seems that the rational, logical Mr. Found doesn't believe her theories about such things as Fates and fairies and magic, and he's determined to expose her as a fraud. But Emma knows for sure that magic truly does exist, and she's going to give Michael a lesson he'll never forget--even if it means breaking her vow of not kissing men. Because after one look at his perfect lips, all Emma can think is, "What's another thousand years...?"

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