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Three Wishes

Three Wishes


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Description for THREE WISHES by Jaymi Cristol:


Lauren couldn't believe her luck when her aunt's million-dollar estate turned out to include a magic lamp...complete with genie! If she played her three wishes right, she'd get all the money and security she'd ever wanted. But from the security she'd ever wanted. But from the moment freewheeling jazz musician Sam North crashed into Lauren's perfectly planned life, her magical inheritance began to grant her everything she just knew she never wanted...


Ex-Wall Street Tycoon Sam North wasn't about to deny he was sorely tempted by the icy-blonde Lauren - he was having way too much fun melting her with the hottest moves he could muster! But he secretly feared that the sweet music they made together would never be enough to show her what he'd learned the hard way - happiness meant more than material success, and true love was really life's greatest investment....

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