Thyme Of Death

Thyme Of Death


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Description for THYME OF DEATH by Susan Wittig Albert:


CHINA'S herb shop in Pecan Springs, Texas, is a long way from the law firm in Houston. But China wanted to get away from it all: the power plays, the scheming, the backstabbing. Still, wherever there are people, there are problems--and even in a small town, passions can be murderous...

China's friend Jo is dead, an apparent suicide. But with the help of Ruby, a flamboyant redhead and New Age devotee, China looks behind the quaint facade of Pecan Springs and takes a suspicious look at everyone... timid, cat-crazy Violett; Jo's fiercely independent daughter, Meredith; arrogant, ambitious TV star Roz, who's returned to town with some shocking news. In a place like Pecan Springs, there are lots of friendly faces but one of them hides the heart of a killer...

This is #1 in China Bayles Mystery series.

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