Tidewater Blood

Tidewater Blood


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Description for TIDEWATER BLOOD by William Hoffman:

The secret was buried deep within the high mountains of West Virginia. It spiraled down to a devastating legacy of betrayal, revenge, and rage that was destined to destroy a dynasty.

Charley LeBlanc is the black sheep, a disgrace to the family name - a name steeped in tradition, wealth, privilege, and prestige. But when Charley is hauled out of his shanty hideaway in a Chesapeake inlet by the sheriff, he's up against more than he had ever faced in Vietnam, prison, or the rest of his miserable past.

Presumed guilty of setting a charge that blew his family to kingdom come, Charley becomes a fugitive, running deep into the mountains - and into the past. Unless he can find out who did it and why, he's going to pay with his life, and that suddenly seems too precious to lose.

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