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Time Twister

Time Twister


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Description for TIME TWISTER by H M Major:


Cord, the Mehiran empath, had left his native planet on a mission of vengeance---to catch the unknown being who had destroyed his family and threatened his whole world. But the universe is a big place, and a Mehiran's got to live, so Cord found it necessary to take on assignments and use his special talents for pay.

Now he was on the trail of the space pirates who'd kidnapped Duke Ashek's concubine, Edwina. Rumor had it there was something unique about Edwina; perhaps she was the very being Cord sought---the cold-blooded killer with the "alien trace" only he could sense.

What Cord didn't know was that his search would take him from the space pirates' closely guarded satellite stronghold to a place where slavery was the only way of life to an encounter with something that could reshape the very fabric of space and time...

This is #2 in The Alien Trace Series.

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