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Description for TIMESWEPT by Joyce Carlow:

A modern-day woman...

Jenna Stevens awoke in a strange and primitive place to screams in the night...and a sky ablaze with fire. She'd made a leap through time—and what a leap. The last thing she remembered was driving home to Boston just as the big snowstorm hit. Now here she was in Deerfield, the year was 1704, and the French and the Abanaki Indians were taking everyone prisoner. Ducking for cover, Jenna was suddenly swept up into the arms of a powerful stranger.

She found her destiny in the timeless past.

From the moment thrillingly virile Blaise L'Ecossais rescued her and carried her off to Canada, Jenna found herself irresistibly attracted to the rugged fur trader. In Blaise's arousing embrace, she discovered the passion she'd been waiting for—and a love that made her long to be with him until the end of time.

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