To Love A Thief

To Love A Thief


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Description for TO LOVE A THIEF by Margaret St George:

Glitz -- Glamour -- Theft - Romance Enter the House of DeWilde

Since the turn of the century, the elegant and fashionable DeWilde stores have helped brides around the world realize the fantasy of their "special day."

The store: DeWildes, Monte Carlo. An exclusive bout catering to the rich and famous, full of gems just rip for the picking....

The stakes: A heist too good to be true. Security expert Allison Ames and cat burglar Paul Courtwald both war the Empress Catherine tiara. And each had a hidden agenda. Allies for the wrong reasons, they found themselves lovers ... for all the reasons that matter. But was truth bound to doom the romance? Truth ... or consequences?

This is #6 in Weddings by DeWilde.

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