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Toby's Folly

Toby's Folly


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Description for TOBY'S FOLLY by Margot Arnold:

Anthropologist Penelope Spring is looking forward to a lengthy visit from her son, Dr. Alex Spring, when she receives a summons from Scotland Yard: Where is Sir Tobias Glendower?

A young ballerina is being held in custody---primary suspect in the bizarre bludgeoning-to-death of one of the entourage of a visiting Russian Corps de ballet. But she will speak only to Sir Toby, who she claims is her father!

Toby is eventually reached at his private archaeological excavation deep in the Welsh hill country---the "folly" of the title?--and plunged headlong into the thorniest thicket of deceit he's ever had to confront.

While the assembled Penny, Alex, and Toby come to believe Sonya's seemingly fantastic claim of her paternity, her version of the murder stretches even their credulity.

As Toby prepares to become an exile and risk his fortune to save Sonya, Alex steps in to play a startling role in keeping Toby and Sonya together, while Russian dancers, Cockney bikers, freelance spies, even the Foreign Office seem in league to prevent this.

Here, timely, topical, irresistible, and concluding with a twist that'll leave fans gasping---the eight adventure of Margot Arnold's unlikely, peripatetic sleuths.

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