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Torpedo Alley

Torpedo Alley


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Description for TORPEDO ALLEY by Del Dowdell:

The Russian super-submarine SUSLOV speeds towards the Motherland, transporting stolen secrets that will render the U.S. Navy completely exposed and totally defenseless. Alone and unaided; the U.S. sub POCOTELLO must confront the awesome might of an advancing Soviet fleet and sink the SUSLOV---and impossible mission where failure or success could ignite the unstoppable fires of global devastation!

In 36 hours, a captured American airman will battle for his life miles beneath the waves...a brilliant and beautiful civilian engineer will find herself trapped in the ultimate real-life war game, personally entrusted with the survival of billions...and a President and a Premier will take the Earth to the very brink of annihilation!

In just 36 hours, mankind's most terrifying fears become reality...

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