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Description for TRANSVERGENCE by Charles Sheffield:

FROM OUT OF THE DEPTHS OF TIME ... The Zardalu were the greatest menace in the galaxy, enslaving many races, exterminating others. It was fortunate that they had become extinct aeons before humans ventured into space. But wait! This just in!

Hans Rebka, Darya Lang, and a motley group of human and other beings were investigating the gigantic and inexplicable artifacts left behind by the mysterious vanished race known only as the Builders when they came across a horde of Zardalu who have been in suspended animation for thousands of years, and accidentally awakened them. The Zardalu are ready to resume their ruthless progress across the galactic arm, but even they may not be the greatest menace to humanity.

The enigmatic artifacts of the Builders, changeless since before the Dawn of Man, are showing signs of life. Very ominous signs... .

Publisher's Note: Transvergence was previously published in parts as Transcendence and Convergence, and has been revised for this first unitary edition.

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