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Treasure In Roubles

Treasure In Roubles


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Description for TREASURE IN ROUBLES by David Williams:


Leningrad's glorious Hermitage Museum contains thousands of masterpieces... minus one just stolen by a wily thief. The KGB suspects a capitalist plot--especially when a very upper crust and rather eccentric British tour group arrives on the scene. Then one of the tourists sings his swan song at the opera...brutally murdered! Only a joint investigation by Mark Treasure and a crafty Soviet agent can avert an international incident--and solve the artful crime.


Handling fortunes is his business, and investigating dastardly deeds his pleasure. A dashing London banker by day, by night he attracts intrigue like a magnet, as he motors his Rolls through the British countryside -- on the road to detection and danger.

This is #10 in A Mark Treasure Mystery.

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