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Description for TROIKA by Louise Cooper:

Indigo has lost all that she once held dear. Another family sits on the throne of her kingdom. And her lover Fenran suffers the torments of the demonworld. More than a century has passed since she last fought the demons she herself set loose. Her cause seems futile, her quest all but hopeless.

One glimmer of hope remains, in the magical lodestone given to Indigo by Earth's emissary. After long silence, it has given her a sign, pointing toward the cold and legendary North.

Indigo knows that she must follow the sign or else give up the struggle. But in the darkness of the North lie painful memories. The North is Fenran's country, and there she and her wolf-dog Grimya must confront that which she most fears.

No only must immortal Indigo battle still another demon; to fight at all, she must confront the secrets of her heart.

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