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Tropical Freeze

Tropical Freeze


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Description for TROPICAL FREEZE by James W Hall:

Thorn is back! The hero of last year's surprise suspense hit, Under Cover of Daylight, Thorn is a Key Largo fisherman turned avenger despite himself and cursed with a nose for trouble. The mysterious disappearance of his boyhood friend, an FBI agent, entangles Thorn in a web of violence and intrigue that takes him from seamy local bars to glittering ocean villas, from hopeless little trailer camps to his beloved blue Florida waters. Then, when his friend's beautiful, strong-willed sister, who had decided to settle the score with her brother's killers herself, becomes his lover, Thorn has to deal with a jealous lunatic sadist who dotes on her, a rogue government agent who wants to kill her to protect a cruelly ingenious and deadly scam, and an unforgettable underworld of petty crooks, amoral hired guns, and losers backed against a wall. A tense thriller set in an exotic locale where greed and criminality thrive.

This is #2 in Thorn Series.

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