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Description for TWILIGHT by Nancy Pickard:

The ever-agile Jenny is currently juggling the first ever Port Frederick Fall Festival and the request of her friend Nellie Kennedy, who wants help in getting rid of "God's Highway", a controversial hiking/bike path. Lately, a series of fatal accidents on the path has caused the town to look at closing it, a move environmentalists, hikers, and bikers vehemently oppose. A mysterious fire, strange goings-on in the town, and murder prove almost too much for the intrepid Jenny -- especially after she's assaulted, threatened, run down, and reviled -- but with the help of her policeman husband, Geof, and his adopted son, David, she unravels the complicated, intertwined assortment of mysteries and makes sure the Port Frederick Fall Festival is a roaring success.

This is #10 in A Jenny Cain Mystery series.

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