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Two-Part Harmony

Two-Part Harmony


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Description for TWO-PART HARMONY by Patrick M Morley:

If you long for a more intimate relationship with your spouse, and want to feel more emotionally and spiritually connected, best-selling author Patrick Morely can help!

Morley says, "A good marriage should be like great music---passionate, harmonious, colorful. Spouses all want the same thing---a marriage filled with excitement and closeness. Many marriages, of course, sound more like screeching tires on dry pavement."

Because we are all busier than ever these days, we have less time to spend together as a couple, creating less clear-cut communication and greater emotional and spiritual distance---causing our relationship to be filled with more chaos than harmony.

In TWO-PART HARMONY Morley encourages you to slow down, spend more time together, and learn to open up to each other. The inspiring and thought-provoking devotions are designed to fit into even the busies of schedules. You will find devotions on day-to-day issues such as dealing with expectations, handling disappointments, working through frustration, confronting emotional immaturity, wisely using time and money, and dozens of other practical topics.

As Morley helps you discover greater joy and intimacy in your relationship, you will begin to build a marriage that blends you and your mate together in two-part harmony.

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