Uncommon Grounds

Uncommon Grounds


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Description for UNCOMMON GROUNDS by Sandra Balzo:

Nothing marks opening day at a chic new gourmet coffee shop like an espresso machine rigged for death. When Patricia Harper, one of the three owners of Uncommon Grounds, is electrocuted while frothing the first latte, it's up to partner and coffee maven Maggy Thorsen to keep the java flowing before her new venture comes to a grinding halt.

The victim led a picture-perfect life until Maggy discovers it was all a perfect lie. For one, Patricia's affair with the building inspector opens a strange little box of secrets among the well-to-do suburbanites. When the killer strikes again, this time by more conventional means, Maggy digs deep to unravel the dirtiest, nastiest secrets of them all in a town where some people are not who they pretend to be--and one of them is a killer.

This is #1 in Maggy Thorsen series.

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