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Description for UNDER ORDERS by Dick Francis:

Former Champion Jockey Sid Halley knows the perils of racing all too well--but in his day, jockeys didn't usually cross the finishing line with three .38 rounds in the chest. And this is precisely how he finds jockey Huw Walker-- who had won the coveted Triumph Hurdle only a few hours earlier.

Just moments before the gruesome discovery, Halley had been called upon by Lord Enstone to make discreet inquiries into why his horses appeared to be on a permanent losing streak. Are races being fixed? Are bookies taking a cut? And if so, are trainers and jockeys playing a danger-, ous game with stakes far higher than they are realistic? Halley's quest for answers draws him even deeper into the dark side of the race game, in a life-or-death power play that will push him to his limits--both on and off the track.

This is #4 in Sid Halley Series.

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