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Under The Eye Of Kali

Under The Eye Of Kali


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Description for UNDER THE EYE OF KALI by Susan Oliksiw:

Trouble befalls two American tourists staying at the cozy seaside Hotel Delite in southern India. Helping her aunt Meena run the place, photographer and gallery owner Anita Ray is drawn into the mystery. The victims, both women, were nurses, one of whom admitted to smuggling black market medical supplies across the border to those in need. Now one of them is dead, the other in a hospital. Aunt Meena is teetering on hysteria and Anita needs answers.

Of all the exotic sights and sounds of the city, few are as captivating as the Balabhadrakali Temple and its alluring statue of the goddess Kali. But tourism had little to do with the tragedy -- something else is going on. Pushing aside her fear of poking into the dangerous world of illegal trade, Anita discovers the motive for murder was far more personal. And one of her own photographs may hold the key to the killer's identity.

This is #1 in An Anita Ray Mystery.

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