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Under Your Spell

Under Your Spell


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Description for UNDER YOUR SPELL by Lois Greiman:

To London society, they were nothing more than a group of well-bred ladies gathering to gossip about the bachelors of the town. But the women of Lavender House share an uncommon gift that will lead them to days filled with danger-and nights of unquenchable desire.

With her smoldering glances and dazzling beauty, Ella St. James, Countess of Lanshire, could bewitch any man. But she isn't about to squander her unique attentions on the mundane task of finding a husband. After all, the perfect man is a mere fantasy, and she has more urgent worries. A close friend and fellow Lavender House lady has gone missing, and Ella is determined to find her. But everywhere she turns, she only finds the handsome, alluring, and troublemaking Thomas Donovan.

Thomas has secrets of his own, secrets that could destroy him, and his attraction to the tantalizing Ella is a terrible risk. Yet when her investigation leads her into mortal peril, Thomas cannot help but try to rescue her, love her, and devour her . . . for he has fallen under her spell.

This is #1 in Witches Of Mayfair Series.

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