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Description for UNDRESSED by Stef Ann Holm:

As a deputy in Majestic, Colorado, Lanie Prescott doesn't see enough action issuing parking tickets, so she decides to accept a law-enforcement job elsewhere. On the night of her going-away party, the job offer is postponed, and Lanie is stuck in her hometown -- unemployed.

Maintaining a brave face is hard -- especially when she meets her replacement. He's tall, he's gorgeous and her heart beats so fast she should be arrested for imagining all the ways she could use her handcuffs. Paul Cabrera left the Miami P.D. to distance himself from an old case that haunts him to this day. But his pursuit of a quiet life is hardly that with the sexy Lanie living next door.

When a summer crime wave hits the small town, Lanie is back on the force, and what began as an arresting attraction between Paul and Lanie turns into an internal affair of the heart. Suddenly, life in Majestic isn't so bad after all.

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