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Uniform Justice


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Description for UNIFORM JUSTICE by Donna Leon: A young cadet has been found hanged, a presumed suicide, in Venice's elite military academy. Brunetti's sorrow for the boy, so close in age to his own son, is rivaled only by his contempt for a community that is more concerned with protecting the reputation of the school, and its privileged students, than with finding the truth behind this tragedy. The cadet's father is a doctor and former politician, a man of impeccable integrity, all too rare in Italian politics. Devastated, and convinced that his son's death could not have been suicide, Dr. Moro inexplicably avoids talking to the police or involving Brunetti in the investigation. As Brunetti pursues his inquiry, he is faced with a wall of silence. Is the military protecting its own? Or has Brunetti uncovered a conspiracy far more sinister than that of a single death?

This is #12 in Commissario Burnetti series.

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