Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point


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Description for VANISHING POINT by Don Pendleton:

A covert group of warriors dedicated to protecting America against acts of terror and violence perpetrated by enemies of the free world, the commandos of Stony Man enter each new battle backed by advanced cybernetics, sophisticated weaponry and orders straight from the Oval Office.

A violent Japanese cult has united with Iraqi terrorists, but the ultimate strike remains unknown. The stakes get higher when a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Pacific disappears from radar. On board is the X-51, the most advanced unmanned aircraft ever built, hijacked along with the ship by the rogue Japanese scientist who designed it. As the USS Stennis becomes a war zone and the crew succumbs to a poison attack, a covert three-man unit called Able Team is now the last line of defense against a global shock wave.

This is #82 in Stony Man Series.

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