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Victoria's Ecstasy

Victoria's Ecstasy


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Description for VICTORIA'S ECSTASY by Gwen Cleary:


Proud Victoria Torrington was short of cash to run her shipping empire, and the last investment she could liquidate was a godforsaken ranch along the Sweetwater River in uncivilized Wyoming. Traveling to America to meet her partner Judge Colston for the first time, Victoria expected a withered, ancient cowhand. But when the determined English beauty saw instead a virile, muscular male, she didn't know what to do. Her body budded with desire, her blood clamored for fulfillment and her lips burned to kiss the sinewy frontier rancher.


Hot-tempered Judge Colston was furious when he received a letter from a bossy British biddy claiming she owned most of his spread. The lanky, hard-working Judge had built the J Bar C all by himself, and no scheming spinster was going to take away an inch! When the conniver showed up on his doorstep, he was ready to send her packing...until he caught a glimpse of the lush and curvaceous blonde. For the moment, Judge forgot he wanted her gone; now all he wanted was for Victoria to come to him wanton and willing, and to delight in an afternoon of inventive lovemaking and Victoria's Ecstasy.

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