Vixen In Disguise

Vixen In Disguise


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Description for VIXEN IN DISGUISE by Kara Lennox:

Lovely, carefree "Annie" entranced him for three pleasure-filled days and nights, then disappeared. When Wade Hardison met frumpy, straitlaced Anne Chatsworth, he almost didn't recognize his Annie. With her smile locked away inside, Anne denied that they'd ever shared a soul-deep passion. The stubborn cowboy set out to prove her wrong....

Seeing the prodigal Hardison brother back in his family's embrace made Anne certain they couldn't be together. Wade wasn't the footloose lover she'd thought, but a marriage-and-kids man to the bone. The secret she'd kept from him was unforgivable. But resisting Wade proved impossible, because inside, she was Annie -- and she loved him with all her reckless heart.

How to Marry a Hardison

Harlequin American Romance #934, August, 2002.

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